Slik PBH-45LP Ball Head low profile



The SLIK new PBH-45LP is a high load capacity and low profile precision ball head by placing the ball locking mechanism on the side of the unit.  Large size ball provides a strong locking force and it holds up to 20kg of load.  The large ball lock knob is easy to grasp and can quickly unlock or lock the ball.  Friction control function can preset the rotation angle of ball lock knob that provides adequate amount of damping force for the ball movement.

322,40 €
  • Arca-Swiss Type Camera Platform

    The “Arca-Swiss” type quick shoe allows the photographer to easily put on or take off the camera.

    Friction adjustment knob

    Friction adjustment provides an adequate amount of damping force for the ball movement, providing smooth camera movement and prevent sudden camera fall when loosening the ball lock knob.

    Double U-Groove

    Two U-shaped grooves allow greater flexibility in shifting 90 degrees for horizontal and vertical orientations.


    Type of Bubble Level: Triple bubble levels
    Camera mounting screw: U1/4
    Ball diameter 45mm
    Tripod mounting screw: U1/4 (with U3/8 screw adapter)
    Base diameter: 58mm
    Size of camera platform: 38 x 63mm
    Height: 90mm
    Weight: 535g
    Load capacity: 20 kgs.
    Quick Release: Q.R.S. 6510
EAN 4906752246283
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