Shimoda Travel Pouch - Army Green

Clean! – The Travel Pouch features 2 sleeves accessed by a single zipper. The sleeves are separated by a divider that lets you keep travel-minded items sperate from each other. Our main goal was to provide a place for Face Masks to remain clean and separate from other items you might need while commuting or in the mountains. All-In-One – Keeps all your health-minded items in one area. Whether pain-relief pills, sleeping aids, ear plugs or water purification tab, our pouch provides a convenient storage option for lesser used but important items. Ideal for leaving in your pack so it’s always ready. Transparent Shell – The clear TPU shell makes it extra easy to find your items and also to make sure you have them packed. TPU is both durable, eco-minded and functional.
9,30 €
Overview The Travel Pouch was designed to simplify your commuting experience. It opens quickly with a single zipper and then stows away easily in your backpack. The clear TPU sleeves provide quick visibility to contents while protecting your personal care items from unexpected dirt and wear often experienced in the mountains. Specifications Warranty: 5 Years Weight: 0.1lb / 0.03kg Outside Dimensions (in): 8.7W x 5.5H x 0.4D in. Outside Dimensions (cm): 22W x 14H x 1D cm
EAN 816779023221
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