Leica Elpro 52 set

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Close-up lens

The Leica Elpro 52 close-up lens enables extraordinarily high-quality macro

photography with your existing Leica M and TL-lenses. The compact and

portable Elpro 52 expands your capabilities and gets you closer to your

subjects by greatly reducing focusing distance. Its optical construction

is comprised of two cemented lens elements with anti-reflective multicoating,

rendering its images crisp, sharp and practically free from chromatic aberrations.

This makes it possible to capture impressively detailed, close-up images with a

newfound level of depth. The close-up lens is supplied with 46 and 49 mm

stepping rings for compatibility with more than 20 Leica M and TL-Lenses.

Get closer with your lenses with the new Leica Elpro 52.

Elpro 52 compatible list:

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