Leica APO-TELEVID 82 Kit+eyepiece 25-50x

The Essentials Angled view (45°), without eyepiece modern fluoride lens for perfect colour fidelity and maximum contrast Dual focusing for fast and precise focusing robust and silent when using thanks to rubber armoured magnesium alloy water- and dirt-repellent AquaDura® coating Offering bright, natural and sharp images over the entire field of view and magnification range, the Leica APO-Televid 82 is incredibly fast and compact with a lens diameter of 82 mm. In addition to the excellent contrasts of the system, observations and digiscoping become a true experience even at 90-fold magnification and challenging lighting conditions. The short close-focusing range of 3.8 m offers the observer an exceptional view.
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Leica APO-TELEVID 82 Kit+eyepiece 25-50x
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