Hoya 77mm-86mm SQ100 adapter ring

OVERVIEW The HOYA Sq100 Holder Kit principally includes two geared adapters which can attach the holder to a lens with a front lens diameter of either 86mm or 82mm. For other smaller lens sizes, Adapter Rings can be purchased that allow the holder to be attached to their corresponding size. HOYA offers adapter rings for the following sizes: HOYA Sq100 58mm - 86mm Adapter Ring HOYA Sq100 62mm - 86mm Adapter Ring HOYA Sq100 67mm - 86mm Adapter Ring HOYA Sq100 72mm - 86mm Adapter Ring HOYA Sq100 77mm - 86mm Adapter Ring
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HOW TO USE First, check the size of the filter diameter of your lens. The size is usually written on the back side of the lens cap, but can also be found in the manual of your lens. After acquiring the corresponding adapter ring, attach the 86mm-86mm geared adapter (included in the Sq100 Holder Kit) to the holder. Then, attach the adapter ring to the geared adapter. Now you can successfully attach the holder to your lens.
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