Cotton CCS G3 Camera harness 1 charcoal grey

Cotton CCS G3 camera harness 1 charcoal grey
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CCS G3 Camera Harness System for one camera - Charcoal Grey.

This system is designed for the active photographer. The harness supports and secures one camera with a long lens, keeping it always at the ready. The ergonomic design of this camera vest carrier distributes the weight of the camera helping to lessen the fatigue of a long shooting day. The Harness System is the ultimate in weight distribution, comfort and stability. We do not have a weight max that camera gear can reach.

*New G3 Products require G3 Hubs (included in G3 packages) G3 Hubs work on all generations of Cotton products* For Instructions Click Here This system keeps your hands free, your equipment safe, and your body mobile. Ready to shoot. Right now!

EAN 09946104504
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