Bushman Quick Click 18

Foka tuotekoodi 53QC18

Quick Click 12 and 18
Technical characteristics
76 g only (w/o screws)
Permissible load 2.5 kg
Smallest on the market: D38mm x H21mm
High precision laser graduated scale, both on the shell and on the base
Comes with a 3/4? to a 1/4? adaptor to fit any tripod
Highly resistant hard anodized aluminium alloy
All the components are metallic
High precision laser graduated scale
Ball bearing for perfect and smooth rotation
Faultless highly precise machining and finishing
Easy and quick installation
Slick design matches the Kalahari head
Standard lower thread 3/8?
1/4?to 3/8? adaptor come with it
360° full rotation
Available Click :
- Quick Click, free rotation
Bushman Panoramic Warranty
24 months international parts warranty
- See more at: http://www.bushman-panoramic.com/panoramic-rotators/quick-click.php#sthash.14Xg1ie6.dpuf