Voigtländer SL II - S Nokton 58/1.4

Voigtländer SL II - S Nokton 58/1.4 Focal Length 58 mm Aperture Ratio 1:1,4 Minimum Aperture F 16 Lens Construction 7 elements in 6 groups Angle of View 40° Apertue Blades 9 Minimum Focus 0,45 m Maximum Diameter 67,6 mm Length 45,5 mm Mount Nikon AI-S (CPU integrated) Weight 320 g Filter Size 52 mm Macro Ratio 1:5.8 Others — Optional screw-in-type lens hood LH58S
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Voigtländer SL II - S Nokton 58/1.4 A popular with Nikon fans standard focal length covers the high-light 1.4 / 58 mm Nokton with SLII connection. Even this fine full-frame lens comes with built-in CPU for electronic communication with Nikon AI-S. Thanks to the soft-running focus ring, a very sensitive focus is guaranteed – especially important when using the large apertures on the full-format sensor.
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