Voigtländer MFT Super Nokton 29mm f0,8 asph.

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Voigtländer MFT Super Nokton 29mm f0,8 asph. The new SUPER NOKTON features FLE floating lens elements for sharper corner to corner close focusing. Even higher optical performance is possible with precision aspherical elements ground from difficult to manufacture high temperature glass rather than molded aspheric elements. Voigtländer considers the SUPER NOKTON’s technical achievements well worth the effort to maintain the highest image standards. The new SUPER NOKTON is unusually compact and light weight considering the extraordinarily fast F0.8 aperture. Beautiful bokeh with no less than a dozen aperture is icing on the cake. The new SUPER NOKTON 29mm F0.8 joins Voigtländer’s existing Micro Four Thirds Lens lineup of 10.5mm, 17.5mm, 25mm, 42mm and 60mm F.095 lenses, all offering consistent family color balance and bokeh. Selective Aperture Control is featured on all six lenses as well, allowing photographers to choose clickless aperture selection for video shooting. Voigtländer is proud to offer the fastest six lens family lineup available for Micro Four Thirds photography.
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