Vanguard Rings 30mm Weaver medium mount

111,59 €
ÿþQuality materials and pinnacle design unite to deliver the best riflescope accessories.
Maximize your efficiency and effectiveness with the new assortment of Endeavor
riflescope accessories to compliment your riflescope.

30MM Riflescope Rings

30MM Premium Style
Slotted Hex Nut Fastener (For Base)
Small Hex Screws (For Ring Opening)
Allen Wrench Included
Finish: Hard & Durable
Color: Black
Attachment / Mount Type: Picatinny & Weaver
Size: Low, Medium, High
Material: Solid Bar Stock Steel
Designed and Made by Vanguard
Designed for Appeal, Strength and Minimal Weight
EAN 4719856246024
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