UES Mobile Phone Cleaning Kit

UES Mobile Phone Cleaning Kit


Suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc electronic devices. Efficient cleaning while inhibiting the growth of bacteria.


Conical Tip Cleaning Swab & Flat tip Cleaning Swab

Wrapped with superfine microfiber, the swabs can efficiently clean up dust and stains without any scratching. The small cleaning tip can deeply clean up dust hidden in the earpiece, speaker, headphone jack, charging port and other hard-to-reach locations.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Individually sealed pre-moistened wipes can easily remove all kinds of smudges, stains and dust. Efficiently clean while inhibiting bacterial growth. Safe & reliable care for electronic devices.


Conical tip cleaning swab x10pcs

Flat tip cleaning swap x10pcs

Antibacterial cleaning wipes x30pcs

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UES Mobile Phone Cleaning Kigt
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