Tamrac MBX5395m Accessory Belt Small

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Tamrac MBX5395 Accessory Belt Small
Malli/Model MBX5395
Koko/Size: small
Väri/Color: musta
Musta Tamracin varustevyö (koko small) on suunniteltu
yhteensopivaksi kaikkien Tamracin M.A.S. varustelaukkujen ja
zoom-laukkujen kanssa.
Vyötärönympärys: 73,7-101,6 cm

The black MBX5395 M.A.S. Modular Accessory Belt, Small
from Tamrac is a padded webbed belt designed to work with
all of the M.A.S. (Modular Accessories System) items
(except backpack pockets) and it can also hold the Tamrac Zoom Packs.
The belt fits waist sizes up to 73.7 - 101.6cm. It is a double belt
system that incorporates a 2.0" adjustable web belt and quick-release
buckle into a foam-padded belt system. The M.A.S. accessories
can be clipped over the webbing belt to provide comfortable,
quick access to equipment carried in these accessories.
The belt can also be threaded through the zoom packs.

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