Slik SBH-808DQ (with QRS) ball head

Slik SBH-808DQ (with QRS) ball head



The SBH-808DQ has the strong, sturdy and easy to use underpinnings of the PRO Ball Head 800 but adds features like panoramic markings.  The markings make it easier to take multiple pictures and stitch them together to form one continuous panorama photo.


We’ve also added a pan lock knob to the SBH-808DQ so cameras can turn (pan) horizontally without loosening the ball that locks the camera in place. This makes perfectly level panning a breeze.


Using the same quick release system as the PRO 700DX tripod head, the SBH-808DQ has one of the fasted and easiest QR plates in the industry. SLIK made a circular quick release plate securing the camera to the tripod pointing in any direction.  This makes attaching your camera more intuitive than other heads that have squared off or angled plates. Tension on the lock for the circular quick release plate is adjustable.


Precision machining, polishing of all moving parts and an over-sized, easy grip release knob combine for smooth accurate operation.

129,00 €

Slik SBH-808DQ (with QRS) ball head

Camera mounting screw: U1/4
Tripod mounting screw: U1/4 ・ 3/8
Base diameter: 60mm
Size of camera platform: 50 x 50mm
Height: 120mm
Weight: 760g
Load capacity: 5kgs
Quick Relase: Q.R.S. 6124
EAN 4906752256275
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