Slik Astra ECH-630 Astro-Tracker

SLIK ASTRA ECH-630 Astro-Tracker on kompakti moottorisoitu pää tähti-, kuu- ja timalaps-kuvaukseen.
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The SLIK ASTRA ECH-630 Astro-Tracker is a compact motorized turn table with speed settings for star, moon, and time-lapse photography. Some astro-tracking heads can weigh up to 5kg but the ECH-630 weighs just 630g and takes up about the same amount of room as a 24-70mm lens in your camera bag. This makes it perfect for photographers that hike into remote locations to shoot the stars.


The ECH-630 capacity varies based on its angle. It can hold up 5kg when the turntable is flat and up to 2kg at a 90 degree angle. (See instructions for further details.) This makes it perfect for light-weight DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras with fast prime lenses.


4 high-quality AA sized batteries are all that is needed for the ECH-630 to operate for up to 20 hours of celestial tracking, more than enough for a full night. The unit also has a micro USB port to connect an external battery for even longer run times.

Dimension: D: 84 x W: 86 x H:65mm (exclude protrusions)
Weight: 630g (without batteies, cables)
Head Mount Screw: U1/4
Tripod Mounting Screw: U1/4 ・ U3/8 (double screw adapter)
Max. Load Capacity:

at Astronomical Mode: 5 kg

at Time-Lapse Mode : 5 kg

when the turn table and the ground are close to parallel: 5 kg

when the turn table and the ground are close to parpendicular  :2kg

(all subject less than 20kg・cm of moment load / about 2kg at 10 cm from rotation axis)


4 AA alkaline batteries (Ni-MH batteries can also be used)

DC 5V (micro-USB use together with AA batteries) 

Battery Duration: about 20 hours (with alkaline batteirs at 20℃)
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +40 (without condensation)
Driving Method: Worm Wheel (by stepping motor)
Astronomical Mode:

Star, Moon, Sun & Starscape (0.5x speed)

Northern / Southern Hemisphere setting

Time-Lapse Mode: 

Clockwise, Counterclockwise & Repeat rotation setting

Rotation Angle: 5° to 360° (5° increments) or Endless

Rotation Speed: 48, 24, 12, 6, 3, 1.5h, 30min & 15min per one rotation


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