Rollei Travel Camera Cleaning Set

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ÿþRollei Camera Travel Cleaning Kit

Those taking their professional camera equipment with them on their travels can be almost certain that they will not be able to rely on finding the ideal photographic support facilities in every part of the world if dirt prevents their camera from producing perfect images. Professional photo-globetrotters not only take the precaution of packing a few spares and replacements but also take an all-purpose cleaning kit with them. This will focus not only on quality but will be as versatile as possible.
For cleaning analog and digital photo equipment

Consequently, you will find cleaning tools in the Rollei camera travel cleaning kit whose use is not only confined to special cameras or components, but which can also be used for other optical devices. The travel kit parts come in a robust storage case to keep them safe from loss and contamination. In the travel cleaning kit, you will find a practical lens pen with a nylon brush on one end and a carbon-coated swivel disc on the other. Perfect for the gentle removal of dirt from sensitive optics. Without touching them, you can remove the finest dust, sand or fluff using the mini air blower; the tip of the nozzle can reach even into the tiniest nooks and crannies.
With its versatile range of uses, it s also perfect for the studio

The Rollei lens cleaning fluid in the 30 ml squeezy bottle is also suitable for longer travels to remote corners of the globe, and will clean all the optical surfaces of your camera cases, displays, lenses and filters. Five high quality micro-fibre cloths are also included to permanently absorb dirt and moisture without creating dust and fluff. Ten moist cleaning cloths complete the range of cleaning materials, so that you can immediately deal with urgent situations with a few brief actions. Even a few spots of grease and oil on lenses can permanently ruin a shooting session. The whole Rollei camera travel cleaning kit can be carried securely and neatly on a snap hook in its robust storage case; there s always space for it to hand on belt buckles, rucksack straps, harnesses or other straps
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Depth 7 cm
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Depth 8 cm
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