Rollei SI 360 Grad Kamera

25,00 €
Rollei S I 360 Degree Camera

Fully spherical VR recording with 2x 360? panoramic view

Slim and elegant design

Live stream to YouTube? and Facebook?

Optimized stitching for near or far distance range

High resolution 2k videos (2048 x 1024 Pixel/30 fps)

Integrated WiFi for comfortable remote control via smartphones and tablets

Virtual-Reality-Mode for using with VR glasses

2 light-intense lenses

Incl. Mini Stand

Shoot or stream VR videos & pictures live with a 360-degree camera in full HD

The sea view from your hotel room, the concert of your favourite band or your first

parachute jump - we always want to share these and other experiences again and

again with others.Therefore we shoot pictures and videos with cameras and

Smartphones.We want to show friends, acquaintance & relatives and possibly

potential clients as well what it s like to be caught up in the middle of the action.

What they are missing, while we are there live.Ideally immediately via Wi-Fi &

live-streaming on Facebook or YouTubeAs authentically and close-to-reality

as possible, which reaches a new level, particularly in interaction with VR

glasses and VR-capable, fully spherical, interactive 360 Grad VR camera

Full HD spherical panorama shots.As a complete, interactive all-round view,

where you can look around freely by moving your head or swiping your finger.

Everything to induce the greatest longing possible in the viewer. In traditional

pictures and videos you always only see the perspective of the photographer

or of the filmmaker the classic frontal shot. In addition there is constant

consideration of whether you should shoot from a horizontal or a vertical

perspective. Would it not be more beneficial if everyone could explore complete,

fully spherical panoramic shots via VR glasses in his own way in accordance

with his own preferences, instead of letting the photographer decide, which snippet

of scenery or of a spatial subject he wants to show us? If you can record the whole

environment (sphere) upload it and share it online with a simple press of a button,

or live stream the VR-capable panoramic view directly? From all of the horizontal and

vertical perspectives at the same time. Why then let the photographer decide which

viewing angle the viewer gets to see? With fully spherical VR videos & photos we can

experience our own highlights and the panoramic pictures and videos of others anew

and discover things that possibly even escaped us when we were recording, as they

were happening behind, above, under or beside us. Real as never before. The restricted

viewing angles of traditional compact cameras, DSLRs, Smartphone cameras and system

cameras have prevented that up to now. The classic semi-spherical panorama or the

virtual picture by picture tour were the maximum feelings for a long time even in the

consumer sector. It s time for the all-round view of a fully spherical camera with

a 36-degree spherical panorama at a good price / performance ratio and in high-resolution full HD.

The Rollei 360-Degree Camera functions in this way

The 360-degree camera from Rollei records the entire surroundings with the press of a button.

By means of two fast, high-resolution 210? super wide-angle lenses including sensors it

produces a closed Full HD spherical panoramic shot (2 x 360?), in which you can look

around freely later on screenby means of moving your head (VR glasses) or mouse clicking,

swiping or swivelling (Smartphone, tablet & PC). In Full HD resolution (2048 x 1024)

the Rollei 360-degree VR camera with its two lenses and 30 frames per second (30 fps),

in order to record as homogeneous and seamless an imageas possible of the spatial

subject of your choice. That is actually possible only with two or more lenses. The lenses

that are located opposite each other take two separate pictures. As both lenses shoot

more than 180 degrees, there are overlaps, where the images and videos that are shot

are joined together via software by so-called stitching to create seamless all-round

videos and photos. Then you can upload the recordings to YouTube and Facebook,

or live stream them directly. When you are watching the VR videos and snapshots

you can now look around completely freely, horizontally and vertically. No limited viewing

angles ever again. In this way it also distinguishes itself from 360-degree panoramic

cameras, which merely depict the semi-sphere, whereas the 360-degree VR camera

from Rollei records all of the vertical and horizontal perspectives (sphere) at the same

time. Immerse yourself really as never before in your pictures and video shots with an

all-round view of hikes, downhill tours with the mountain bike and ski slopes, for example.

Discover new things from innumerable perspectives. In fact, often the most interesting

part takes place behind the back of the photographer, in wildlife photography for instance.

The high-resolution, seamless and homogeneous Full HD shots of our 360-degree fully

spherical camera are compatible with VR glasses, PCs and mobile terminal devices like

iPhones and tablets.

Short operating instructions shooting VR videos with a 360-degree camera:

Install the Rollei App for Android 4.2+ and iOS 7.0+. In this way, you can control the camera

remotely via Smartphone and this will make your shots more dynamic and flexible and enable

a new perspective from any situation. In addition, you can activate it easily via a Smartphone,

regardless of whether it is an iPhone or an Android device.

Attach the camera, by means of the mini tripod provided for example or to your helmet or

position and fasten it otherwise. You no longer have to decide on a perspective in advance.

You can do that after the recording or upload the whole recording as VR-capable 360-degree

image or video.

You will obtain a thumbnail / preview of the panoramic view on your Smartphone and can

vary the settings until you get the best image.

Now the release can be activated via the Smartphone remote control device.

Now videos can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube via W-LAN or a mobile data link

or streamed live directly at the time of recording.

In addition, the inage will be saved on the internal (micro SDHC) memory card.

Full HD all-round shots create are at their liveliest and most realistic on VR glasses.

However, playing them back on other terminal devices also provides an impressive

feeling while you move through the images and videos by clicking, scrolling, swiping.

You can download detailed operating instructions and a description of the different

representational options such as Tiny Planet mode, Fisheye mode, Plane mode or

VR mode here .


Width 4.5 cm

Height 13.7 cm

Depth 1.4 cm

Weight 82 g

EAN 4048805403196
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