Rollei Sensor Cleaning Set MFT

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ÿþRollei Sensor Cleaning Set for cameras with an MFT sensor

The succeeding generation of the digital single-lens reflex cameras, the mirrorless, very compact system cameras under the MFT standard (Micro Four Thirds system), are equipped with image sensors, which still constitute only half the size of those of the well-known small image format. Perfectly fitting cleaning brushes that are manufactured from particularly gentle material are necessary in order to be able to safely remove dirt or dust from the extremely sensitive, tiny sensor surfaces. The Rollei sensor brushes for cameras with an MFT sensor are individually vacuum packed and absolutely dust-free and allow for the careful, professional cleaning of your high-quality camera.
The right MFT set for dry or wet cleaning

The sensor brushes are suitable both for dry cleaning to remove larger specks of dust or dirt particles carefully from the image sensor surface and for gentle, smear-free wet cleaning with the Rollei sensor cleaning fluid. The sturdy 15 ml bottle can also be taken with you on challenging photo safaris without any problem and really lasts for a very long time but if necessary, it can also be repurchased individually. Only one drop (at most) is needed for wet cleaning. Put the cleaning fluid on the sensor brush and move it carefully from one side to the other.
For travel, outdoor shooting or for use in the studio

Professional photographers clean their cameras, lenses and further accessories regularly, even if the items of equipment were not exposed to any particular contamination because even by constantly putting on and taking off the interchangeable lenses in the studio, a film of dirt can accumulate on the sensor over time, which will also impair image quality at some stage. With the Rollei sensor cleaning set for cameras with an MFT sensor you have all of the necessary cleaning utensils at hand and need only a few minutes to care for the sensitive sensor and to clean it.
Width 13.5 cm
Height 21 cm
Depth 2.7 cm
Weight 115 g
Packaging unit
Width 13.5 cm
Height 21 cm
Depth 2.7 cm
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