Rollei HS Freeze 4 Kit Double stud.flash

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Rollei HS Freeze 4 Studio Flash Unit Kit Double

For the perfect start to studio photography

Professional studio flash unit with rechargeable battery ideal for outdoor shootings

Optimal entry into portrait photography

Easy product photography with easy cap

Soft and smooth illumination

Colour gel for creative light effect

Incl. Pro flash Stand with a working height of up to 215 cm

Parabolic softbox for soft and direct illumination

Reflector with 5 different color gels

Rollei Professional HS Freeze 4 Studio Flash Unit Double Kit

Besides the primary flash device, which is on the front or can easily be placed on the side,

portrait photographers in particular gladly use yet another secondary flash head in order to

illuminate the background in a more interesting manner or to put creative light accents in

the main subject.The Rollei HS Freeze 4 Studio Flash Unit is eminently suitable for outdoor

use owing to its powerful, long-lasting rechargeable battery. The Double Kit contains two of

these enormously flexible, compact professional flash devices, two parabolic softboxes,

which can be used in a variety of ways, and the compatible, 215-cm-tall aluminum lamp tripods.

2 Rollei Professional HS Freeze 4 Studio Flash Units

With two professional HS Freeze 4 studio flash units not only can you illuminate the foreground

and background of your subject as desired. The wireless, battery-powered flash heads can also

be quite easily re-positioned repeatedly for every shot even in the open air and at particularly

challenging venues.You control the integrated radio receiver with the Rollei professional radio

transmitters, which are available for numerous cameras, over a distance of up to 300 metres.

Alternatively, the infrared sensor also facilitates classic IR slave control. When fully charged,

each rechargeable battery supplies up to 500 bursts with 400 Ws of flash output and requires

only 1.7 seconds to be fully operable again and await the next flash command.You can synchronize

your two HS Freeze 4 units on the 1st or 2nd shutter and flash in HSS or freeze mode and use them

in the TTL, manual, Easy Cap or delay modes.

2 Professional 215-cm Traveler Lamp Tripods

The two professional lamp tripods provided have an impressive maximum height of 215 cm,

so that you can also direct the flash power of your two HS Freeze 4 units from further above onto the subject

or the models.The sturdy, high-quality aluminum tripods are suitable both for the studio and for rough

outdoor use and support as much as 4 kg without a problem.

2 Professional 50-cm Parabolic Softboxes

Direct the soft lighting of one professional parabolic softbox toward your subject and immerse the

background in atmospheric or mystical light with the other. The 50-cm-wide softboxes have precisely

coordinated inner and outer diffusers and enable you to accurately focus the 400 Ws of flash output

of each individual HS Freeze 4.

2 professional reflectors with 5 colour foils

Of course the HS Freeze 4 Double Kit also includes two reflectors, of which each has its own set of

5 magnetic colour foils, which can be mounted in no time at all.Equip the two reflectors with contrasting

colours or perhaps you can also use just one foil for subtle, creative background effects.

The HS Freeze 4 Double Kit also contains yet another rucksack in order to be able to carry the flash heads

securely and comfortably on foot over longer distances to the next outdoor location.

1. 2x Rollei HS Freeze 4

Mobile studio flash with 400 Watt

Easy to transport only 2300 g

Freeze mode up to 1/19000 second

2. 2x Pro Flash Stand Traveler 215 cm

Easily mounted and deconstructed

Suitable for studio flash units

3. 2x Pro Parabol Softbox 50 cm

Professional and direct lighting of objects

A soft lighting is achieved by the interaction of the

inner and outer diffusor

4. 2x Pro reflector with 5 colour gels

Colour gel for creative light effect

Incl. 5 magnetic colour gels

2x Rollei HS Freeze 4, incl. Pro reflector with colour gels (Art. no. 28050)

+ 2x Pro Parabol Softbox 50 cm (Art. no. 28059)

+ 2x Pro Flash Stand Traveler 215 cm (Art. no. 28023)

+ 1x Backpack
EAN 4048805280520
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