Rollei CarDVR-318

25,00 €
Rollei CarDVR-318 Dashcam
With 2k video recording (1440p/30fps) and Full HD (1080p/60fps)
Ultra bright colour TFT LCD with 5.87 cm (2.31)
Starts recording automatically after power on
Camera only records videos if the G sensor is released or the emergency button is pushed
With motion sensor
G-sensor for emergency recording
Built-in GPS track and view the exact vehicle location with Google maps
Rollei CarDVR-318
Dash cams, the high-resolution, wide-angled video cameras with a fixed focal length for mounting on the dashboard or on the windshield do not only supply thousands of films for various internet portals but are suitable also for the documentation of planned trips and unforeseeable events. The Rollei CarDVR-318 (DVR = digital video recorder) displays the entire front perspective in 2k or full HD quality while you are driving. Vehicles, people and objects are captured in razor-sharp focus by the fixed focal length regardless of distance or position within the camera angle.
Real time and date display in the video
The Rollei CarDVR-318 has a precise GPS sensor, which combines position data with time and date and facilitates accurate documentation of the vehicles movements by means of software provided. The ultra-bright 2.31 display permits simple monitoring of the video recording before your trip. The microphone and loudspeaker are integrated in the housing and cover the audio range. The sturdy suction cup attaches the dash cam securely at the desired position in the cockpit and a 12-V/24-V adapter enables it to be installed in passenger cars and trucks. You can also use the integrated parking mode to clarify any damage that may arise in your absence.
The three-axis G-sensor reacts reliably to any vibration.
The G-sensor is equipped with three axles and stops the loop function if the vehicle is subject to a definite vibration. In the process it is completely insignificant, from which direction the impact came. The CarDVR-318 writes all data on an optional micro SDHC card and starts from the beginning again if there is no more room available. Naturally, in an emergency, all previous events are extremely interesting and the G-sensor ensures that after release the overwriting function immediately stops and the relevant data are stored securely.
Width 5.7 cm
Height 5.8 cm
Depth 3 cm
Weight 75 g
Packaging unit
Width 13 cm
Height 16 cm
Depth 8.5 cm
EAN 4048805401352
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