Rollei Camera Lenspen

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The resolution of high-end digital cameras improves almost daily, while modern image sensors can pick up even the smallest detail on the subject. Although these features offer better-quality photos, it also means camera lenses, lens elements and filters need to be cleaned to very high standards and then kept in this state as long as possible. Even the tiniest amount of dirt can have unwelcome effects on an otherwise perfect photo and make subsequent touch-up work necessary.
Broad-brush and spot cleaning with the handy double-ended Rollei Lenspen

A basic pre-clean followed by thorough removal of fingerprints, grease spots and dust literally from one end to the other: the two ends of the Rollei Lenspen can handle any cleaning job you give them, whether in the studio or in the field. The soft filaments of the retractable nylon brush safely remove larger debris while the disc at the other end effectively tackles microscopic specks of dirt with its lens-safe coating. The set also includes a universal soft microfibre cloth.
Width 10 cm
Height 20 cm
Depth 4.5 cm
Weight 64 g
EAN 4048805270064
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