Leica APO-Televid 82 (kulma)

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The fascination of nature grows with every new detail you discover.
And you'll find them as if only a breath away in the world of animals
and birds with the high-performance Leica spotting scopes. Look forward
to an indescribable experience of the wonders of nature in a sharp,
bright and crystal-clear view of even the most distant subjects.
Leica Televids have been a true classic for many years and enjoy an
outstanding reputation based on their mechanical and optical strengths.
The innovative APO-Televid series (both 65 and 82 models), feature
apochromatically corrected systems and take advantage of the special
properties of fluoride (FL) glasses to ensure superior resolving power.
Leica sets another new milestone in spotting scopes with the APO-Televid series.
In addition to their sophisticated optics, both the APO-Televid 82 and the
APO-Televid 65 impress with their robustly engineered construction and attractive
and exceptionally compact design. They offer a wide field of view and deliver an
image characterised by superior colour fidelity, pin-sharp detail resolution and
maximum contrast. The APO optics are protected by an optically neutral front filter.
The Leica dual-focus system with micro-focusing enables particularly rapid and
simultaneously precise focusing. Simply ideal for intensifying the experience of viewing
the world of nature from near or far.
The benefits at a glance:
_ Water and dirt repellent AquaDura® coating
_ HDC® multicoating
_ State-of-the-art fluoride glasses
_ Available in straight or angled viewing versions
_ Fast and precise focusing with dual focus
_ Waterproof to 5 m / 16.5 ft
_ 25-50x WW ASPH. wide-angle zoom eyepiece
APO-Televid 82
The Leica APO-Televid 82 is distinguished by its excellent optical characteristics.
With its natural, bright, clear and sharp image rendition across the entire field of view,
it's as if the APO-Televid 82 were designed and constructed especially for digiscoping use.
Thanks to the large diameter of its objective lens, this scope has enormous light-gathering
power that enables viewing under even the most unfavourable lighting conditions.
_ Superior resolving power, even in low light
_ Short close focusing limit of 3.8 m / 12.5 ft
_ Perfect colour fidelity and maximum contrast
_ Rugged and compact
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