Laowa 24mm T14 2X Periprobe Cine Canon RF

The 24mm T14 2x PeriProbe not only inherits all the great features from the 24mm T14 2x Probe lens, a new tube with periscope is now also included. The new 90° Periscope tip unlocks countless new exciting movement. The 85° AoV and a very close 2cm working distance help created the bug-eye perspective. The 2x magnification allows for capturing subjects of different sizes with details. Users could poke the long and waterproof barrel into a tight space and underwater to obtain a unique perspective. The LED Ring Lite provides an extra light source. Users could also switch the 90° periscope back to the 0° straight scope. The lens could rotate 360° along the axis by unlocking the orientation ring. Additional accessories can also be mounted at the tip of the lens through the 1/4 screw hole. The 24mm T14 2x Periprobe includes (1) Main Unit, (1) 90° Module and (1) Direct View Module. The lens also includes: (1) white USB cable dimmer (with power adjustment), (1) black USB cable (without power adjustment), (1) protective case, (5) front and rear caps for all modules and the main unit.
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Product Name Laowa 24mm T14 2x Periprobe Focal Length 24mm Aperture Range T14-40 Angle of View 85° Format Compatibility Full Frame Lens Structure 28 elements in 19 groups Aperture Blades 7 Min. working Distance 2cm Max. Magnification 2x Filter Thread NA Dimensions The part of largest diameter of the lens: Φ61.3mm×408mm The front tube diameter of the lens: Φ29mm×408mm Weight around 770g (1.69lbs) The interchangeable 0° barrel – around 248g (0.54lbs)
EAN 6940486702286
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