Hoya Mist Diffuser BK No1 72mm

The HOYA MIST DIFFUSER BLACK series is a soft-type filter that creates a black mist effect through diffusing light around light sources and slightly suppressing shadow contrasts, giving the image a stylish cinematic look. Especially recommended for night photography, portrait shots and videography. With two versions available, MIST DIFFUSER BLACK No0.5 and No1, it is possible to select the desired intensity for your photo.
58,28 €
HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES Creates cinematic look through diffusing objects in the image and smoothens skin textures. Available as No0.5 and No1 for variety of the effect-intensity. Knurling makes it easy to attach and remove the filter. Thin frame design to minimize vignetting even with wide angle lenses.
EAN 0024066074188
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