Micnova MQ-SB40 40x40 Soft Box

Foka tuotekoodi 630SB40

Fold Hot Shoe Soft Box SB40
The Fold Hot Shoe Softbox Kit for Speedlights Hotshoe
converts your battery operated flash gun from a harsh
directional light into a much softer diffused light.
The Fold Hot Shoe Softbox folds and twists flat for easy
storage and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.
This kit comes with a mount ring, with vertical mount rail
attached, a horizontal angle bracket to fix to the mount
ring rail, onto which is fixed the ballhead (for attachment to
stand or handle) and a flash cold shoe.
>square soft box, black outer silver inner; folds down
to 7 " (18cm) circular shape.
>size 40 x 40cm
> Diffuser panel with velcro edges for attachment to softbox.
> Circular zip close bag for folded softbox, with loop carry handle.
> Softbox mount ring, with bracket mounting rail.
> Flash mount bracket, with lightstand mount (with ballhead)
and cold shoe for flash.
>Tough, rectangular carry bag with handle to contain all parts.